Fat Piggy


You got fat!

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We know you have that one person you’d love to say this to:

“Congratulations! You got Fat! Like really really Fat! You did it!
Oh you’re not happy about it?
So let me get this straight, you thought that eating a whole fried chicken for breakfast, a dozen donuts as a snack, super-sizing all your meals, drinking gallons of soda and eating an XXL pizza for dinner every day would what? Make you a size 0?

And don’t start me on the subject of exercise. No! Picking up the TV remote is not exercise!”

Go ahead, send this card to them!

Unique and candid postcard, printed in full color.
Printed on quality card paper with a glossy finish.

  • Postcard size: A6 / 4.13″ × 5.83″
  • May optionally be sent anonymously

*Please note that the logo watermark is removed from the printed version.

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